Intelos Education was the best decision I could've made to prepare for my SAT and SAT subject tests. The teachers are incredibly patient and knowledgeable about the tests, and they have so many resources available in order to help you with exactly what you need help with. Because of them, I got an 800 in my sat subject test in math, and increased my critical reading score to a 740 on my SAT. But numbers aside, Intelos is an amazing opportunity with wonderful teachers that I would happily recommend to anyone!

M. K. – student 

When I was looking for SAT and ACT prep in this area, I searched the web and found that Intelos Education had just opened this past summer. I stopped by to talk to Hugh and Lauren, who are founders, and I feel so comfortable sending both of my children there for ACT prep.

Hugh and Lauren are very intelligent, caring, flexible, and interested in the subject matter. They are not only teaching my children; they're very personal and willing to spend extra time to coach and to help my children to achieve the goal. They also give lots of practice tests so students would well prepare for the real test. I trust that Intelos knows how to prepare students to do well. They have created a personal bond with my children, which I have never received from other prep centers, such as Elite. Hugh and Lauren really got to know my daughters and gave them the one-on-one time that they needed.

Hugh and Lauren, you are outstanding! We're extremely pleased and grateful for your dedication. Thank you so very much for making a big difference in my children's education.

L. P. – parent

Lauren is awesome. With her help, I’ve received an A in AP Calculus, a 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam, and a perfect score on the Math 2 SAT subject test. When I started coming to Lauren for help, I was around two weeks away from finishing my first semester, and I had a low B- in AP Calculus. My grade was closer to a C than an A, but after merely three hours of tutoring with Lauren, my grade shot up 9 percent, and I ended the semester with an A. The entire thing sounds like a miracle because it pretty much was one. Lauren’s nonstop support, willingness to help me learn, and availability for questions at practically all hours are undeniably responsible for my success.

M. Z. – student

Enrolling our son in Intelos' tutoring and test prep classes has turned out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made for him.

Our son has been a top straight A student all his student career until the 2nd semester in his Sophomore year.  He received his first ever B+ in math. We have noticed his math grade has gradually slid down and offered to help him, but he strongly resented any type of help from us.  He didn't want us to teach him or review his assignment.  The resentfulness then led to countless intensive and bitter quarrels and anger on both sides.  Fortunately, one of his friends recommended Lauren (the math teacher and co-founder of Intelos) to him when summer started.  Just like the other 99% of the teenagers in the world, our son doesn't listen to his parents, but he listens to his friends.  His friend told him Lauren was able to help her a lot in math previously. Thus, he was willing to give it a try with Lauren.

He started weekly math tutoring with Lauren at the beginning of the summer.   Later at the end of the summer we enrolled him in the two-week intensive ACT prep class to prepare him for September's ACT test.  His math has improved tremendously just within these 2 months and he scored 35 out of 36 on September's ACT composite score.

Lauren and Hugh (the other co-founder of Intelos and teacher for English/reading/writing) are not only very knowledgable but also experienced in how to work well with teenagers so that they listen, follow, and benefit from the instructions.  Before Lauren and Hugh started Intelos, they were the former head teachers at the well known Elite Educational Institute.  We are so happy that we didn't have to send our son to Fremont and he was able to receive all the help he needed locally in the Danville/San Ramon area.

In addition, Lauren and Hugh are always very willing to work around the client's constrained schedule.  My son has many activities and heavy work load from multiple AP and Honors courses.  Once the school started, his available time became very limited.  Lauren and Hugh were able to come up with a specially designed course plan and schedule for my son based on the restricted time he is available.  We are very grateful for what they have done for our family to make all these possible and guide our son to develop his potentials.

F.L. –  parent