SAT & ACT Test Prep

Small Class SAT & ACT Test Preparation

Best time to prep:

The best time to take a test prep class is when students can shift their focus from their high school academic work. For most students carrying a rigorous course load, this means during a school vacation. Whatever time you pick, Intelos offers small classes, engaging instructors, and the opportunity for individualized assistance.

Most popular: Summer Vacation Classes

Most students take Intelos's prep courses during the summer, either between sophomore and junior years or between junior and senior years. Intelos's 6-week Extensive summer programs allow for an extended review of material and adequate test practice, so high school juniors and seniors can take an autumn test with confidence. For juniors, this schedule allows plenty of opportunity for retesting and for Subject and AP testing later in the school year.

For students with busy summer plans, Intelos also offers a 3-week Intensive test prep class at the end of summer with weekend classes included after the beginning of the school year to keep students sharp for the fall tests.

For students who have want less classroom time and who score high on practice tests, Intelos offers a 7-week Accelerated class. This class meets half as often as the regular classes but still has the same number of practice tests and the same curriculum as the 6-week classes. See current program offerings.

Other times to prep: Winter and Spring Vacations

For students who can't take a summer course or simply prefer taking classes at another time, Intelos offers both winter (2 week) and spring (1 week) test classes. These classes, especially the winter courses, are popular as a way to either have a busy summer and still prepare for the test or get a boost in practice and review just before a January or April test. See current program offerings.

Still other options: Continuous Weekend Preparation and Private Tutoring

Intelos also offers weekend classes which utilize the same approach and materials as the vacation classes, simply explored weekly instead of concentrated within a vacation period. See current program offerings.

Private tutoring in test preparation is always an option at Intelos Education. This instruction is most efficient for students who need very focused help in boosting their scores. Students in private tutoring take practice tests, review answer choices and errors, and receive instruction as necessary to avoid making the same errors again.

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