Standardized Test Preparation

BubblesExtra standardized test preparation has become increasingly common for students who want to demonstrate their readiness for college. Such preparation is good when it focuses on helping students gain command of the underlying fundamentals of the materials tested. This type of preparation pays off in benefits that extend beyond a good score. Students who increase their reading or writing capabilities will also have expanded skills they will bring to their endeavors at college. Intelos Education structures its standardized test preparation material to always focus on the necessary concepts a student must master to do well in the subject area tested. Thus test preparation results in reinforcing the knowledge and the skills that are necessary for doing better in all academics from the last years of high school through college.

PSAT, SAT, & ACT Tests

These multi-disciplinary tests form the bedrock of college admissions. While not all schools require students sit for these tests, almost all of the most selective colleges and universities require them as part of applying for admission. Intelos Education offers both classroom instruction and private tutoring to help students refresh their understanding and practice of the core competencies these tests measure.  Learn more 〉〉

AP and SAT Subject Tests

AP and Subject tests are focused tests that allow students demonstrate specific skills in narrower subjects. Students seek preparation help in these subjects to reinforce the core material as well as gain practice in applying that material to problems or through written analysis of historical events. Intelos Education structures its coursework to accommodate both the various texts and various frameworks under which local schools have structured their AP or Honors studies to prepare students for the test. Many students also choose private tutoring to prepare for these tests, so they might focus on what they most want to improve on.  Learn more 〉〉


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