Page_tutoringAt some point, all students need help with subjects they find difficult, whether calculus or writing. But in today's busy and competitive world, students often need or want tutoring simply to do their best. Intelos Education offers private and small-group tutoring to help all students.

Private Tutoring

Intelos Education's founders both have a history of helping students master the material they struggle with. We know that genuinely interested tutors will engage students and watch their progress. Private tutoring is generally a short-term activity though some students may seek weekly meetings throughout an entire school year to assure that they stay ahead of their classes in school.

Small Group Tutoring and On-The-Spot Tutoring

For some students, semi-private tutoring in groups limited to three students is helpful to maintain their top performance in classes. Beginning in October 2015, Intelos Education will offer flexible group tutoring that allows students to seek the help they within their demanding schedules. This style allows for increased peer interactions in tutoring and comes at a reduced rate from that of private tutoring. 


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