College Application Essay Guidance

Writing the College Application Essays with Intelos

Many students know the colleges to which they want to apply but want guidance on how best to present themselves to these schools through the personal statements and essay responses. Judging one's own writing can be a difficult task.


At Intelos Education, we have experience in guiding students on the topics and structure of their essays. And while the process of helping students bring forth their ideas is often similar, the end product for each student is always as unique as that student. This is as it should be. We pride ourselves in helping bring out the best in the college applicants we help.


Essay Writing Clinics

Intelos offers small clinics to help students understand what makes a good application essay and get practice in writing exercises. These workshops are designed to give students an boost in their confidence in understanding what and how to write their essays for upcoming applications. These are two-hour sessions which are focused and practical, so a student can come to any number of them and practice writing and get both student and instructor response. 

Workshop sessions are held in the summer to help students get a jump start on writing for the essays, so they can meet application essay writing with confidence in the senior year.   See Clinic times and prices

Essay Writing 1:1

Many students choose to work one-on-one in focused sessions to discuss, review, and edit their college application essays.

While the work of writing the essays always belongs to the student, Intelos can help draw out ideas through interviews or talk structure and language. For some students, meeting often to discuss and rework revisions is helpful; for others an initial meeting or two will quickly evolve into electronic exchanges of revisions and comments. Often the final edits for both types of students are accomplished completely through electronic means–and always ahead of deadline. 

Hours involved will vary based on a student's particular needs. Meetings can be scheduled in quarter-hour increments for efficient use of prepaid time. Intelos will track the time used, including that for electronic commenting and editing. Students will have a schedule for their specific applications which accounts for holidays and academics and sports.

As a general guide, students typically use from 4 - 6 hours to complete the UC responses, the Common Application essay, and one or two proprietary college application essays. See 1:1 Essay Coaching fees

Parents Get Help, Too

Parents are also served by the assistance we offer their student. The college application process can be a highly emotional process, and having a neutral presence to take a long view and help students stay on track with the essay writing can make family times far more enjoyable.


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