Intelos College Admissions Counseling: The Activities

"The work college admission counseling is very collaborative. I provide assessments and reports for my clients and use my knowledge, experience, and contacts to develop an extensive college list. I guide my clients in researching careers, majors, and colleges on their own as well, so they are empowered to make informed determinations about which colleges interest them."

Intelos serves the needs of students and parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Below are the college admissions counseling activities that Intelos will address with your student each year to help him or her knowingly prepare for college admissions. The four-year plan, beginning in Freshman year, provides the most complete planning available. Students entering as Sophomores and Juniors will engage in the same assessments and activities on an accelerated basis.

Throughout the process, Hugh will share his knowledge of schools and their programs along with knowledge of  their admission requirements and guidelines. He will use his developed knowledge of the schools and of your student to build a college list which reflects the values and academic profile of your student to ensure optimal admissions options at the end of senior year.

Parents pay a single fee that is all inclusive for these services and will vary for student grade-level entry point. Parents may request to work hourly for a specific, narrowed range of services. Please contact Intelos for pricing and proposals.


8th - 9th Grade – Freshman: Self-Awareness

  • California A-G Planning & Course Selection
  • Career Interest Study
  • Personality Assessment
  • The Student Resume: Jobs, Activities, & Community Service

10th Grade – Sophomore: Careers Awareness

  • California A-G Review, Planning, & Course Selection
  • Career Interest Study/Career Research
  • Preliminary College Research and Visit Plan
  • SAT/ACT Preparation Planning
  • Student Resume: Review and Plan

11th Grade – Junior: College Awareness

  • California A-G Review, GPA, & Course Selection
  • Career Interest Study/Career Research
  • Personality Re-assessment
  • College Research and Campus Visits
  • SAT/ACT/Subject Test Plans
  • Student Resume: Review and Plan
  • Letters of Recommendation Plan
  • Financial Aid Overview & Scholarship Search

Summer (Rising Senior): Activities

  • Application Preparation
  • Essay Writing
  • Student Resume

12th Grade – Senior: College Choices and Admissions

  • California A-G Review & GPA
  • College Research and Campus Visits
  • Application Final Preparation:
  • Essays
  • Student Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation Requests
  • Application Review
  • College Interviewing
  • College Decisions/Appeals
  • Final College Choice and Commitment