How I Help You as a Counselor

"A student’s success lies in making informed choices that place her in a learning environment in which to thrive. Most of my clients do select elite schools to put on their college lists, but not just because these schools are elite but because these schools also offer the academic, environmental, and social qualities these students value."

Who I Am...

Profile_HAB_Sm_BtrHugh A. Brantner completed the College and Career Counseling Certificate program at the University of Berkeley and is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and the Western Association for College Admissions Counseling (WACAC). He has provided essay guidance to students pursuing freshman application at public and private universities and colleges for the last 8 years. He is an avid counselor to high school students, always seeking to understand the personality which lies within to make the best recommendations for the college preparations and for the colleges that will lead to a student’s success.

Hugh has been an instructor in standardized test prep for 8 years, focusing on the verbal components of both the SAT and the ACT. He currently instructs students in these subjects and has developed the curriculum and practice tests that form standardized test prep at Intelos Education.

Hugh received a B.A. in Liberal Studies from St. Johns College in Annapolis, Md. and attended Columbia University for post-graduate studies in architecture. He has been a commercial photographer, an at-home father for his daughter, now herself a recent college graduate, and an educator. He hikes and bikes and lives in Danville with his wife Mary Brown.

How I Help You and Your Student...

  • High School Academic Planning:  Through repeated evaluation and recommendations, I help your student make informed choices and stay on track for optimal college admissions. Early alignment of high school coursework allows students to control the range of schools for which they meet or exceed the admissions profiles.
  • Careers & Majors:  Using interview and assessment, I help your student become more knowledgable about careers and the majors available and the pathways to pursue them.
  • College Selection:  I visit colleges around the country to become familiar with them and research schools and programs with practiced eye, so I can recommend schools that best match your student's interests, personality, needs, and academic profile. I am also a member of two professional organizations which keep me current on schools and admission trends as well as extend my reach to the help and advice of other seasoned educational consultants.
  • College Admissions Profile Assessment:  I assess your student's chances for admission at various colleges and programs. While no consultant can ever say with certainty how a student will fare in admissions, I provide a reasonable assessment and guide your student to schools which have programs suited to her and where she is likely to be accepted.
  • College Entrance Exams:  Familiar with the ACT and the SAT, I make recommendations for your student on which tests to take and develop a preparation and testing schedule. 
  • College Applications & Essays:  I help your student create a realistic schedule for completing the applications and essays for all colleges. I have a great deal of experience in essay coaching and can help students craft the essays that will demonstrate their unique qualities.
  • Financial Aid:  I help parents and students understand the process of applying for financial aid and the role of merit and discount aid at various schools. I help students seek scholarship opportunities and assess financial aid offers, especially with regard to student loans and prospective income levels upon graduation.
  • Unbiased Third Party:  I work from a professional office and communicate with students via texts, emails, and telephone calls, freeing up parents from being the "nagging" motivators in the application process. Families can frequently discuss progress without the tensions that often accompany parent/child relations.
  • A Resource for Parents:   I work to supplement your student's guidance counselor's work, but because I get to know your student well and I serve fewer students, I am an accessible resource for questions you may have along the way about the process and your student.