College Admissions Counseling

CounselingPerhaps nothing causes so much stress in a high school junior's life than the process of selecting careers and colleges at which to pursue education for those careers. Well, this and taking all those AP courses. It can be difficult to consider the shape of the future when you are so focused on just making the present happen!

The Importance of College Admissions Counseling

Studies have shown that students who receive college admissions counseling are accepted to more colleges and are happier with their college choices and careers than those who navigate the process without such guidance. College admissions counseling involves both the counselor and the student discussing the student's interests and aspirations, so the counselor can recommend a strong list of the best colleges for that student to apply to.

The “best college” for any one student is the one which provides the academic programs, educational environment, and geographic conditions that foster the success of the student in his education, establishing the foundations for a fulfilling career. College admission counseling, then, is the process of building up from the qualities and interests of the student to determining those colleges which provide the best match for that student.

Intelos College Admissions Counseling:

The Elements

The elements of the counseling process are the moving pieces in a high school student's busy life that play a role in the college admissions process. A counselor uses these elements to optimize a student's admission profile. Read more >>>

The Activities

The activities of the counseling process are the steps taken in each year, many repeated annually, such as academic review, to optimize a student's college admission profile. Read more >>>

The Benefits

The benefits of counseling are numerous and vary with students' particular needs. Read more>>>

College Admission Counseling FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about college admission counseling. Read more >>>

Profile_HAB_Sm_BtrHugh A. Brantner is Intelos's primary college admissions counselor and has completed the Certificate in College and Career Counseling offered by the University of California, Berkeley. Having advised students on the essay portion of the process for the past eight years, he has helped hundreds of students focus their statements and essays to intelligently and genuinely reflect the students in the application process.

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