College Admissions Assistance

MIT_Web_600Intelos offers two types of assistance:

The world of college admissions is complex with the number of colleges and programs to choose from, the competition to get into elite institutions, and the numerous pathways students can elect to follow to effect their educations. Many students and their parents seek supplemental college application assistance to make the process more controlled and more effective. 

Intelos Education offers two types of college application assistance: Career and College Admissions Counseling and College Application Essay Assistance.

Career and College Admissions Counseling

This option is for students who will benefit from extended counseling and a guided progression through choosing careers and schools. Intelos Education's college admissions counseling follows a structured path with benchmarks to ensure a smooth selection of majors and colleges, application process, and transition to college. The process can begin as early as the freshman year and continue through the the selection among college acceptance offers. Along the way, students come to better understand themselves and their goals. They recognize or develop the values they seek in the selection of post-secondary educational environments. They become alive to the opportunities that lie before them to get the most out of their postsecondary educations.  Learn more >>

College Admissions Essay Assistance

This option is for students who know what careers and what colleges they want to pursue but seek assistance with their most important contribution to the application: their personal statements and essays. Intelos Education offers college application essay assistance in the form of small group Essay Clinics and in 1:1 focused meetings. The purpose of either process is to help students find their voices and reveal their character in a meaningful context.  Learn more >>

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