Programs & Services

Intelos Education currently offers programs and services for secondary school students and their parents in three primary modalities: test preparation, tutoring, and college admissions counseling.

Standardized Test Preparation

Whether students want help in mastering the core components of the broad benchmark tests such as the SAT and ACT or those of more specific tests such as AP and SAT Subject tests, Intelos Education offers classroom course work for a variety of the most commonly taken tests in a choice of times and ways.  Learn more >>


For academic subjects or specializing in specific core competencies of the standardized tests, Intelos Education offers tutoring to help students get the results they desire efficiently.  Learn more >> 

College Admissions and Application Counseling

Students who engage the college selection process early and work with knowledgeable counselors have been shown to have greater satisfaction with their career and college choices. Intelos Education offers college admissions counseling for secondary students starting in their sophomore year with a guided approach to facilitate the process and help students better understand themselves and the choices they are asked to make.  Learn more >>